Tips on how not to get robbed !

Tips on How not to get robbed !


  1. Be Prepared and get educated ..
  2. Pay attention to your surroundings .. Muggers are looking for easy targets ..
  3. Don’t be on your phone, keep your eyes active at 10 to 2. and keep one ear free from your headphones.
  4. Walk with purpose .. Keep looking around . Your confidence can save your life !
  5. Surround yourself with other people .. stay with your friends. Crowds deter thieves.
  6. Avoid displaying signs of wealth .. don’t wear expensive watches, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, or display electronic devices. In addition, keep as little money in your wallet as possible and don’t display a lot of money if/when you purchase something.
  7. Purses & Wallets: Carry your purse / wallet in front of you close to your body.  Purse snatchings happen because it’s a complete ambush. You can’t see the criminal yet then can see your purse/ wallet and they can time it to their advantage. When you carry it in front it remains out of sight to anyone you can’t actually see. This forces them to have to commit the crime in your field of view and isn’t very appealing to them.
  8. ATM Machines: Fisherman go where the fish are and criminals go to where they have the greatest chance of success. An ATM machine is a great fishing hole for the desperate criminal needing a fast buck.
  9. If stopped in the street or anywhere by a stranger .. keep walking. Don’t stop ! Keep going . its more difficult to grab somebody when they are moving.
  10. Carry a Pepper Spray on you ! Learn how to use it .
  11. When in your vehicle always use the “ Lock and relocate “ principle. The longer you remain stationary in your vehicle you are a sitting duck. Leave the messages . emails etc for another time. Lock the doors and get moving.
  12. Put all valuables in the boot. Leave nothing in eye sight on the seats or floor of the car.
  13. Keep your car windows up or at least 5cm from the top ..
  14. Your driveway at home is the most common area for a hijack or robbery. Learn how to approach correctly.

Newest stats on crime in South Africa :

Latest Crime stats October 2019


1.3 million house robberies in the last year

In the house robberies guns were used in 54% of them

Knives used were 47% …

There were 1.2 million personal theft incidents . ..Most in Gauteng and Western cape .

Street Robberies affected 1.1million people in the year 2018 / 2019 .. a 2.5% increase from the previous year .

88% of victims of sexual offenses reported at least one incidence… a 73% increase from the previous year.

There were 83 000 incidents of motor vehicle theft 2018 / 2019 affecting 0.4% of households.

An estimated 12 000 murders committed during 2018 / 2019 representing 0.07% of households.

There were approximately 500 000 incidents of assaults experienced by individuals over 16 years old .