Situational Awareness is where Self Defense starts

Situational Awareness is where self defense starts. This is 80% of your self defense skills ! So its time to pay attention because it may just get you home and not end up in a mess.

YOU are an OPPORTUNITY to a Criminal at any time. When you are distracted and unconscious you are then a softer target. Its simple. Criminals work on a Risk vs Reward basis. You can change this and make yourself a higher risk but alert hard target for any criminal just by changing your MINDSET. A criminal makes the decision to target you in less than 5 seconds. Easy Target OR Hard Target ..which one will you be ?

The primary element in establishing this mindset of Situational Awareness is first to recognize that threats exist. Ignorance or denial of a threat make a person’s chances of quickly recognizing an emerging threat and avoiding it highly unlikely. Bad things do happen. Apathy, denial and complacency can be deadly.

  1. A second important element of the proper mindset is understanding the need to take responsibility for one’s own security. People need to look out for themselves and their neighbors.
  2. Another important facet of this mindset is learning to trust your “gut” or intuition. Many times a person’s subconscious can notice subtle signs of danger that the conscious mind has difficulty quantifying or articulating. Trusting your gut and avoiding a potentially dangerous situation may cause you a bit of inconvenience, but ignoring such feelings can lead to serious trouble.

The discipline part of practicing situational awareness refers to the conscious effort required to pay attention to gut feelings and to surrounding events even while you are busy and distracted.

Appropriate times to be very aware of your situation

  • Leaving home in the morning and coming home
  • Arriving at work and leaving work
  • Going shopping .. parking your vehicle .. returning to your vehicle
  • Packing your groceries into your vehicle.
  • Being stationary in your vehicle – robots or stop streets.
  • After hours at night.
  • Public toilets.
  • ATM’S ..
  • Coming out a bank..
  • Car breakdowns on the road side..
  • In an unfamiliar area..
  • When you are alone.
Situational awareness Antony Hofer

Situational awareness Antony Hofer