Self Defense Courses and Classes – What can you expect to learn ?

Self Defense Courses – What can you expect to learn ?

Whether you are a private person or a company looking for Self Defense Classes or Courses means you are starting to consider how to fill your “self defense bank account.’ It may sound like a strange analogy but think of it like this. We insure our cars , homes , possessions , cell phones etc but we seldom think about our own insurance and i don’t mean life insurance either. Your Self Defense bank account should have knowledge and skills that can save your life in the event of you being attacked. Most people when it comes down to it , do not have the knowledge or skills. Lets just say that if you have had no Self Defense Training your bank account is empty. Surprisingly most people believe that they don’t need self defense or if they own a fire arm they will be ok. This can be a big mistake and potentially can cost you your life.

So what can you expect to learn by attending a Self Defense Course ? Remember that now days we offer a variety of options. It can be hand to hand real life self defense skills , Armed Robbery Safety , Situational Awareness , Anti Hijack Training , Teen Safe Programs ,  Bully Response Programs or even the kids have programs to teach possible abduction techniques and more. COBRA DEFENSE INTERNATIONAL provides professional training by qualified instructors to ensure you get the best and most up to date training possible. Remember that Self Defense is not Martial Arts. These are sport focused and are always a great foundation but they do not necessarily prepare you for the street.

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self defense training

self defense training